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Rotary Packing Machine VRP-8

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Rotary Packing Machine VRP-8


│ Feature Highlights │

• Fully automatic horizontal 4 side sealing mach machine
• All servo drives
• Continuous rotary motion single lane
• PLC control with touch screen operation
• Volumetric product feeder with rotary cup conveyor system
• Application: Powder, Granule, Fresh fruit/vegetables, Cereal/ Nuts/Snacks, Candy, Pasta/Beans/Rice, Meat/ Poultry/Fish, Sauce, sauce/solid mix, Liquid detergent, softener, painting & Cooking oil, Pet food/Snacks, Hard ware/Non-Food Products, Facial mask pack, Strips/Sachets /Stick Packs into a Pouch

│ Specifications │

Speed per minute
(bag making speed)
25~50 cycle/min 25~40 cycle/min 25~50 cycle/min
Max. bag size (W x L) 230mm x 350mm 290mm x 370mm 230mm x 350mm
Min. bag size (W x L) 110mm x 120mm 160mm x 180mm 110mm x 120mm
Electrical requirements 220V-430V, 3-phase, 50/60Hz
Compressed air 80L/min @ 6 bar
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Rotary Packing Machine VRP8_2

Rotary Packing Machine VRP8_3

Rotary Packing Machine VRP-8